1. Is W3Template Templates Really Free?

Yes, all our templates free to use for both commercial and non-commercial, but you have to provide a back link to w3template.com which is already included in footer design by w3template.com don’t edit or remove it.

2. What editors can I use to edit the templates?Actually, you can use any text editor if you’re familiar with the basics of CSS and HTML. But these are the ones I use and recommend:


3. I’d like to convert your templates into a particular CMS/blogging engine. Am I allowed to do that?

Sure. No problem. You’re always free to convert our designs into any CMS or blogging engine. Just don’t forget to credit us on the converted theme/template. We would also like to see the converted theme so please let us know and send us the link to the theme.


4. I’ve installed your template in [insert CMS/blogging engine name here] but it’s not working. What Am I doing wrong?

That won’t work since our designs are just HTML and CSS templates and not CMS/blog engine themes. You’ll need to port and code our designs into the CMS/blog engine before you can install and use them into that system. Fortunately, most of our designs have already been ported into various CMS by some developers so chances are you’ll find ported versions of our templates on the net.


5. Is it possible to use your templates without giving credit to your site?
Yes, it’s possible. If you want to remove the credit to w3template, you can send us a credit removal fee via paypal. See the license page to know more on how you can do this.


6. Under which license you are providing these templates?

W3template templates are under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License